Treading In Dangerous Waters . . . Again

The United States Navy fired warning-shots at an Iranian warship sailing in the Persian Gulf after the intruding vessel refused multiple warnings and approached within 150 feet of the US Destroyer.

They Were Warned

US officials confirmed the incident, saying shots were fired after the ship, operated by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps, refused to heed previous warnings; including multiple sirens, blasts from the ship’s emergency whistle, as well as visual flares.

According to, the American warship opened fire with a .50 caliber machine gun when navy personnel believed a collision with the Iranian ship was imminent. News of the incident appeared on social media within minutes.

“Pentagon officials said the Iranian patrol boat fled away from the American ship after the shots were fired, but lingered in the area for hours after the “provocative” incident.
“Last week, Iranian officials threatened American personnel in the region after the Trump administration threatened to label the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps an official “terrorist organization.”